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Objects of joy #4 - Brit Bones

Language learning and immersing yourself in a different culture can be an enjoyable pursuit that helps to boost your mood. In this issue, we have invited London based illustrator Brit Bones @incaseofbrit to share her ways to find joy in Japanese culture and how it influences her work.

M: What led you to choose to learn Japanese?
B: As an illustrator working in London--a place that can be both exciting yet harsh, I really wanted to learn a new language that would take me away from the UK. It’s been in my mind every time I went to class or picked up a book or magazine! Japanese culture is so different from British culture and it interested me so much!! I knew that Japanese had multiple alphabets too, and I knew that I'd like the challenge! Then I went to Japan for the first time (and many times since) and have always been so happy I chose Japanese! ☺

M: What does your drawing mean to you?
B: Drawing means that I can express myself without feeling embarrassed - I can connect people who feel the same way. It really is a great way to let people know that they don't feel alone in how they feel - and that is just amazing! ☺ It's such a powerful tool! And the only way I can explore new places at the moment is in my mind, so I draw my adventures out!

M: Is there something you have designed that you are most proud of?
B: Although I have worked with many brands in the past, I am really proud of my t-shirts that I design myself! They're all designed by me and made in the UK by small teams! My favourite t-shirt design is my "I'm doing okay but also not doing okay and that's okay :)" t-shirt, it's one of the most important things I've ever illustrated! Because it raises the importance of mental health. We can all relate to that and everyone in their life feels like that at one point ☺. Take time, make space, it's okay to not be okay.

M: What makes you so into Japanese fashion?
B: I love the boxy cuts of a lot of Japanese designs, I like their unisex and minimal style, and how both men and women can wear them! I also love the quality of Japanese brands - how to them, making a garment is often a philosophy.

M: We saw that you like to create music and drawing. Are they your favourite ways to express yourself?
B: Yes! I absolutely love writing music as an extension of my artwork. I also love photography and making videos too - to me they're all just extensions of my illustration! Whether it’s in my headspace or workspace, I just need a room where I can just escape to and draw, read or create!

Text: Cinzia | Photos: Brit Bones @incaseofbrit