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How to Change and Adjust Your Parachute Watch Strap

parachute watch strapsWithin this blog post, we will guide you through the procedure of changing and adjusting the elastic parachute watch straps. Whether you're replacing an old strap or adjusting the strap, this tutorial will walk you through the process step by step.

Changing Parachute Watch Strap:

1. Release the Spring Bars: Begin by gently pushing the pin inward to release the quick release spring bars at the back of your watch.

2. Replace the Strap: Once the spring bars are released, remove the old strap and replace it with the new one

3. Insert the Spring Bars: Position one end of the spring bar into the lug hole, then push inward until the spring bars snap securely into the lug holes.

Adjusting Watch Strap Length:

If you need to adjust the length of your parachute strap:

1. Move the Buckle: Simply slide the buckle forward or backward along the strap to achieve your desired length.

2. Extra Tip for Smaller Wrist: If the hook and buckle is still unsecured or undone, try sliding the watch case close to the hook and then adjust the buckle to your preferred position. This method is designed for those with smaller wrist size.

3. Attach the Hook: Once adjusted, secure the hook to the buckle to complete the loop.